FREE INTERNET ACCESS for Users of Wells Library.

Provided you have a valid Norfolk County Council Library Card then you may use the Computer Terminal in the Library.

The Staff will help you get started, all you have to remember is your birth date as password !!!!

The system is very popular so you should book your half hour slot beforehand.

To use the EMail facility you can choose to use one of the following EMail services:-

                      Yahoo        Freeserve         Alta Vista          Search UK
                    Lycos                    Hotbot                     Excite UK

As soon as you enter the EMail service area then you will be charged 6p per minute. (Have your messages already written down !!!!  )

If you wish to print out an EMail,  Internet Page or Picture in Black & White then there is a charge of 10p per sheet.

The keyboard has an integral tracker ball for mouse movement with space bar, left and right click buttons.

Screen resolution looks like VGA  (640 by 480 pixels) so text is displayed large for the poor sighted !!

If you know of someone who has never used a PC or ventured onto the Internet then tell them to give it a go,  ITS FREE.

You can contact the library staff at

You may even renew the borrowed books by EMail at the above EMail address.

Updated 08Aug00