Want to acquire a Beach Hut at Wells ? plus pictures of Wells Beach Huts

CONTACTS PAGE for owners of Wells Beach Huts and Caravans at Pinewoods

I have been asked to assist in getting Wells Beach hut owners to get together. This page serves to provide an on-line reference point and a useful discussion space. ( I have now been asked to include a similar facility for Caravan owners at Pinewoods)

Most huts are owned by private individuals with a few (5 or 6) owned by the Holkham Estate. All have to pay an annual site rent to the estate

Topics for discussion between beach hut owners could include, for example:

1. Annual kite flying event

2. Summer beach party

3. Castle and sand sculpture competitions

4. Get-togethers generally for children and other families

5. Discussion groups to raise issues concerning beach hut ownership (ie:   site rent reviews, etc)

6. Conservation issues that Beach Hut occupants should be involved in together,

As Webmaster I often get asked about renting beach huts so I would be interested in hearing from Beach Hut owners in order to put interested parties in contact with each other. I will not publish EMail addresses on the Web Site. Send me an EMail to:    Wellsonsea@aol.com

I have been informed (2005) that a UK web site ( http://www.beach-huts.com ) has been set up for people wishing to rent Beach Huts.

I have been informed (May 2007) that there is a National  Association of Beach Hut Owners.

Web Site is   www.nabho.org.uk

Here is their mission statement:-

The mission of the national association of beach hut owners is to provide a forum through which councils who control the provision of facilities for beach hut ownership and the individuals who own the huts can discuss any issues, be they local and national, involving beach huts. Further, the association will provide guidance and advice on all aspects of beach hut ownership, including such issues as, for example, insurance, legal problems and maintenance. And, finally, the association will seek to offer to such owners and letters of beach huts as may be interested, ideas which may suggest ways to maximise the pleasures of beach hut ownership.

Similarly, do you have any discussion points as Caravan owners at Pinewoods?

      2006 advert:-                   Beach Hut to Rent on Wells Beach, £7.50 per day, £45 per week, tel 01328 711291

   2007 advert :-            Beach hut to rent £60 per week , Sat to Sat, or £10 per day, tel 01603 871032

     2010 advert:-             Beach Hut 173 for sale,   01328 710439 or 01603 860374

   2011 advert:-           Beach hut for Hire, tel 07990 692320

     2012 advert:-            Beautiful fully equipped Beach Hut, available for hire, tel 01328 711211 or 077602 33521

     2012 Advert              Beach Hut 129  for Sale, tel 01603-305333 or 07710-904861

 Insurance  I have been asked about reasonable insurance for beach huts  to cover break-ins, fire, vandalism etc.
Have any beach hut owners got any recommendations . ? Please Email me if you have any advice.

Insurance email received 2007:
If it helps ,we can arrange reasonable insurance for hutters through our association ( NABHO ) if anyone would like a quote please email secretary@nabho.org.uk or call 01379 870761.

Insurance email received April 2015
Ryan’s are based in East Anglia and offer competitive Beach Hut Insurance with excellent cover.
10% discount off new policies for Beach Hut Association members along with benefits available for the association
Tel: 01473 343300
Email beachhut@ryans.co.uk
Website www.beachhutinsurance.co.uk

Insurance Email received Feb 2015

Love Your Hut, Wakefield, Matthew Briggs, Specialist Schemes Underwriter
See what our Hutters are saying about us – www.loveyourhut.com/news       Web – www.loveyourhut.com
Direct Dial – 01924 580 990  Mobile – 07944 825 103  Email – mbriggs@precisionprivateclients.com or enquiry@loveyourhut.com

Insurance email received May 2015

From Towergate Insurance, one of the UK’s leading specialist insurance companies
(one of our specialisms being beach huts http://www.towergateinsurance.co.uk/beach-hut-insurance ).
Beach Hut Competition 2015    http://www.towergateinsurance.co.uk/home-and-property-insurance/beach-hut-of-the-year .

Insurance email received November 2018

From Adrian Flux Insurance Services, East Winch Hall, PE32 1HN    01553 615191      dealers@adrianflux.co.uk
Every beach hut quote will receive the attention of a qualified underwriting technician, with each risk individually calculated as our policies are designed around their unique property and situation.

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